Qian Hu Fish Farm – A fishy Saturday

Friday night me and my son were discussing where to spend the Saturday. My wife had something important to do so it was just a father and son escape. My wife suggested Time Zone but I knew the place would only be fun for a few hours. I asked my son  his choice “Time Zone” or “Fish Farm” and I guess you know which one he chose. So off we went to Qian Hu fish farm.

 Upon seeing the rows of fish tanks, my son shifted to hyper mode checking every fish tank until he found two large sting rays. He was so scared that he almost crawled to get past them. There were those rainbow crabs which he is also scared of saying that they are large spiders. Yeah he is scared when he see live ones but once served on the table he takes his sweet vengeance…we tried black pepper crab before and he dug into it!

After countless minutes of checking fish tank after fish tank we went to their Arowana world where the most expensive fishes are kept. I am not a fan of Arowana but I must admit they have a beautiful collection. We also checked their Arowana breeding tanks – and man that was a lot of Arowana there! I have never seen so many of them until this!

The best part of this trip – Longkang fishing! They have a place where visitors could catch or try to catch small fishes. For the price of $5 they give a small net and tank so you could join the fishing frenzy! It could get chaotic out there especially when cool parents (Like me!!!) join the fun.  Whatever fish you catch you can bring home afterwards – we did but we set them free in the lake near our place since we don’t have an aquarium to keep them but we bought 3 small turtles for my son to take care of, well it seems like they are easier to maintain than fish.

The place also have a fish spa priced at $20 for half an hour or so but I never had a chance to dip my foot in as I have a hypercharged boy to keep an eye on.

Qian Hu is a one stop shop for aquarium hobbyists. They have a large collection of aquarium fish with prices ranging from $3 to several thousands – the most expensive I saw was an Arowana which costs $6000! They sell aquariums and countless accessories with price less than those in the shopping malls. They also have a cafeteria so there is no need to worry about food. The place is located at No. 71, Jalan Lekar, Sungei Tengah, Singapore. To get there we took a train to Choa Chu Kang then boarded their FREE shuttle bus at the bus interchange just beside the MRT Station. Admission is free! For details of their services you can visit their website at http://www.qianhu.com.

Check out our photos!

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  I got you Mr. Fish!!!!!!

Stacks of fish tanks...I'm sure you can find your kind of ornamental fish here.

   Rainbow crabs – I hope I got that right. My son says they are big spiders!
         This “guy” costs 6000 SGD one of the most expensive they have.
                               Hmm…as if he could read Chinese.
                                                Fishing Frenzy!

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