First Family Out of Town

Yes you read it right this was officially our first family out of town vacation with no other agenda but to spend time together. Me and my wife spent time checking deals in the internet and in the end we booked a 2D1N batam getaway offered by It was short but it was fun and relaxing.

We took a ferry to Batam and were surprised that there was a complimentary guided tour (by BEST of Tour) included in our package although it was not that interesting 😦 (I am sad to say that). We visited a layered cake factory (or bakery) and got to taste freshly baked layered cakes. The cakes were good but the tour guide did not deliver her promise that we will get to watch them make the cake instead I got to see them slice the cakes! At least that part I saw 😛

Included in our package was a 5-course seafood lunch. We had our lunch at the Golden Prawn 933 restaurant. The food was fine though it’s not the best seafood lunch I had or maybe my expectation was up because of the “5-course” description. I have this notion that an “X-course” meal means fine dining with excellent service so I would rather call it a 5-dish lunch hehehe… My son did not like much of the food but me and my wife were hungry so we dug in!

We toured around for a few more hours in souvenir shops then to a shopping mall. Imagine my boredom…but my wife and the other 4 tourists travelling with us seemed excited. Once at the Batam City Square mall, me, and my son separated from the shopping crowd to a game arcade. I was expecting an enjoyable time but the place smelled bad because most of the people there were adults and smokers! Me and my son had to withdraw to a play pen which I’m sure he enjoyed a lot!

After an hour in the mall we were taken to the Hotel (FINALLY!!!). Harmoni One (Convention Hotel & Service Apartments) has an elegantly designed Façade which awed all of us as we entered the driveway. The lobby I must say is equally elegant with matching large furnitures and chandeliers (again that stench of burned tobacco). My son’s jaw dropped once in the lobby and was even more ecstatic when we entered our room. He’s got this thing about nice and elegant places that by the time we went home he was crying along the way saying “Ayaw kong umuwi! Ang Panget ng House natin!!!” (Trans. I don’t want to go home! Our house is so ugly!!!). We had a great time at the Jacuzzi and swimming pool! They also have gymn facilities but I did not even have a look because the swimming pool was so inviting.

After dinner we went to our long awaited Javanese Massage! Me and my Wife were actually worried about where to keep our son in holding while having our stress relieving time. Divine intervention had it that our son drowsed off while listening to the soulful songs rendered live at the Lobby Lounge. So we had our 2-hour massage + body scrub undisturbed. The massage was good although painful at times but the body scrub was an indulgence – so relaxing that the masseuse had to wake me up afterwards. You might have guessed just right that I continued snoring once I reached our room 😀

In the following morning we had a great buffet breakfast (although again the food is not the best Batam has to offer) at the Bamboe Café & restaurant just at the hotel lobby. We ordered beef bolognaise via room service before checking out and as expected it was not as good as that of Pasta Mania. Harmoni one I could say is a sight indulgence but lacking in culinary appeal. My overdue review of the Hotel coming up shortly.

We had a great time together as a family and at the moment we are planning for another one which is very soon! Stay tuned for it. Meanwhile, check out our photos…

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