Harmoni One Hotel and Service Apartments

  Photo From their Website

Last month I went to Batam, Indonesia  with my family for our first ever family out of town together. We had a 2D1N stay in Harmoni One (Hotel and Service Apartments). Though our stay was brief to give a comprehensive review, I will still spill out my mind. After all, first impression lasts they say.

The Plus   

  • The place is elegantly designed inside out and “elegant”, I believe is the perfect adjective for Harmoni one Hotel and Service Apartments. The swimming pool area makes you feel like you are not in Indonesia but somewhere in the mid-east or Europe maybe.
  • They have very friendly and polite crew which is what guests always want.
  • Very efficient service. Check-in and check-out was brief!
  • Really Cosy place! With a lot of rooms to cater for functions or seminars.
  • Great value for money! A 4-star hotel of this calibre is expected to charge more.
Photo From their Website

The Minus

  • Tobacco Stench everywhere including their restaurants! This decreases the relaxing factor because at times and at certain areas it is difficult to breath. When we entered our room which looked freshly done, still the smell of burned tobacco was there. This is one huge smoking area!
  • I love their crew and I saw how hard they worked but during the wee hours they were still noisily carrying out their work. I heard shouts and bangs even at dawn.
  • The food! A place as elegant as this should have a matching delectable cuisine!

All in all Harmoni One is a great place to stay! I would recommend this place to my friends…in fact, many of them booked the same tour and stayed in the same hotel and all of them gave the same impression of elegance!

Rating? 4 out of a scale of 5. Minus 1 for the food :P.


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