Moving past…

I would like to take this time to greet everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yaay!

It has been a while since I last posted in this blog and it is primarily because of a commitment I made that I will not post again until I have “” site. The commitment was made because I was coerced to believe that having my own site was as easy as clicking the mouse, drag and drop something here and there but as you might have guessed it takes more than that. Aside from that there is also the issue of choosing between continuing with a site themed exactly as this one or starting a rather different kind of website. Anyway I think I have moved past all these stuffs and soon I will have my site up and running. 

At the moment I am busy with some research and learning certain skills needed to set-up and maintain my own domain. Ultimately I am happy with what I have been up to recently and I will be moving to another domain in the next few months. Most of my posts here will be transferred but I will provide links pointing to the new site.

Wish me luck!




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